Like Matisse who has always been my greatest inspiration, I choose to send positive vibes through my work.
I want my art to be a refreshing, positive pause from all the negativity we see and hear everywhere.

Colours are what drives me, I love them! Even though I am constantly concerned with composition and harmony, energy, spontaneity, sensuality and passion are emotions, which are omnipresent in my paintings.

Between the agony and the ecstasy of the creative process I give it my all. I paint from within which allows me to fully express my own true colours."

Interview by Michèle-Andrée Lemieux (blog) link: Interview blog, 2010


DORIS SAVARD, welcome and thank you for sharing with us today.  Let us begin:

No. 1) What is art for you? What is painting or visual art for you?

Painting for me is a passion; art in all its forms is essentially a thing without which my life would be boring and dull.  Just imagine a world without music, without painting, without cinema, without writing …… a world in which I would not want to live.

No. 2) What inspires you?

Everything inspires me!  Colour, a form, a word from a song.  I can be walking down the street, suddenly I see a reflection of light in a puddle of water and see a picture.  Paper, sometimes for the graphic quality, sometimes the texture inspires me, which is why there’s almost always a collage in my paintings. And also music, I always listen to music when I paint.

 No. 3) When you are painting, where does it take you?  Where does your mind travel?

Painting for me is like a meditation.  I establish a dialogue with the canvas, I make a first stoke and the canvas tells me the next.  This dialogue is in turn frightening, exciting, soothing.  And I become so focused that nothing else exists apart this painting, which I talk to. If I had an idea of what I wanted to do at the beginning and that the canvas brings me elsewhere I cannot resist.  If I do resist, then I ruin everything.  It requires courage and a great confidence in myself to be able to abandon myself this way, a state of mind that I do not always feel but still ….  These are the ups and downs of the life of an artist.

No. 4) Do you feel that visual art, music and health are related and if so, how do you see this?

Well for me it is definitely related as I said before I always listen to music when I paint and I get a lot of my inspiration from it. I often compose my painting as if I was composing a song: it’s got to have a chorus; it’s got to have rhythm etc. And for me listening to music and painting is healthy because I use them to express myself, my own true colors. If I am mad, if I am happy these emotions will come out in my work, so it’s therapeutic. Also the meditation state that I get into sometimes for hours is very good for my health it helps me forget about problems, worries and often helps me put things in perspective. So art brings balance into my life and if I don’t have it I get completely out of balance and that leads to frustration and sickness. Art is absolutely vital to me.

 No. 5) How do you feel when you are painting, creating?

All kinds of feelings, at the beginning I feel anxious and a bit stressed until I find my direction and then I am concentrated and focused and at the end if it came out good, I feel joy and happiness if not, frustration.

No. 6) Do you identify with your subjects?  And if so, on what level?

I guess I could say yes because I really paint from within so my paintings are surely a part of me. Though I hate to analyze them, that’s why it’s such a mission for me to give them titles. My boyfriend often does it for me. I like to use the right side of my brain when I paint so I try to think as less as possible. I make spontaneous decisions as for choice of colors and brush strokes etc. For example I have all my paint colors in front of me and I reach for the one that attracts me the most without thinking about whether it goes well or not with the others already there, I trust my instinct as much as possible. Only at the end do I make the left side of my brain intervene, so only then do I allow myself to think about harmony and composition.

No. 7) When do you do your best work (environment, time, place etc.).

 I do my best work when I am able to get to that state of meditation, when I can shut my left side of the brain completely off so that I can be fully connected with that creative part of me. I can better get to that state when I am at my studio with good music and when I am well rested. And once I am there it doesn’t really matter what is happening around me, I created one of my best painting with my sister and friends at my studio talking loud and having a good time.

 No. 8) Does painting help you connect with your higher self, whatever that might be for you?

I think so; my higher self is when I feel connected to God or a part of the universe. I am not always in that state of mind (I wish I could) but when I am, I feel greater love for people so it helps me to not be judgmental and to look at life’s little problems with perspective. Painting, yoga, a walk in nature brings meditation and meditation calms me, which helps me connect with my higher self.

 No. 9) What led you to abstract painting and what is abstract for you?

Abstract painting came naturally, what I really like is color so flowers were for me a pretext for color and so, like I said before, I don’t like to think too much when I paint and I guess little by little I came to a point where I didn’t need that pretext so often. I still do flowers and sometimes landscapes as well but when my inner self brings me to abstract I don’t resist neither do I resist other subjects. I don’t know who’s the boss but it’s certainly not me! (lol) Or at least not the rational side of me.

Doris Savard, merci, thank you for accepting this invitation.   Your art is wonderful and has the same spark as one sees in your eyes.  Until the next time, keep well!